HELP! My one-year old won’t sleep and I am in desperate need of some reprieve! Does this sound like you? Dream to Grow is here to help you all find your sleep groove, just like so many families before you!

Meet Xavier…

Let me start by saying that this little ray of sunshine is a ROCKSTAR who adapted to my program and all of the changes we made to his routine so gracefully!

Xavier’s mum Tahnee approached me when Xavier was 15 months old. They were stuck in a co-sleeping rut and she was feeling pretty deflated (not to mention exhausted) about their whole sleep situation. Upon referral from a mother on a parent support Facebook page she reached out and sent me the following:

“Hello lovely! Hope you are well!

I’m currently having sleeping issues with my 14-month old son, Xavier. He had always been a relatively good sleeper. Minis the odd leap and sleep regression. But about 6 weeks ago he started waking up hysterically crying at 11:30pm every single night. He is standing up in his cot, and even after multiple times of reassuring him and laying him back down he wouldn’t go back to sleep. I have resorted to having him sleep next to me in our spare room (where no surprise he falls asleep every time). I know he is currently cutting four eye teeth. But I believe I’m starting to create bad habits and Xavier is getting separation anxiety being away from me! Are you please able to assist me?

Thank you xx”

Figuring out problem areas

Reading this message, I already had a feeling I knew that Xavier was becoming overtired by the end of the day. This was the cause of his 11pm wake. I wanted to get a good idea of what his daily schedule was and what his sleep environment was like. In order to truly understand where the issues were stemming from.

Upon reading through his completed intake form, I was able to confirm that Xavier was not following the ideal routine for his age, and that the last awake window of the day was too long. Therefore come night time, he suffering from over-tiredness which was in turn culminating in night waking at 11pm. Though he was capable of self-settling, he was becoming so distressed at this wake, that he was dependant on Tahnee for comfort (which is totally fine and natural). Having done this for some time, Xavier was requiring Tahnee sleep in the spare bed with him out of habit.

So, having noted all of this I set to work writing Xavier’s sleep assessment. In this sleep assessment I detailed a routine overhaul. This would ensure that Xavier was getting the right amount of sleep during the day, and across the right times, to ensure he would sleep soundly and restoratively through the night. I also recommended an earlier bedtime.

A spot of gentle sleep teaching

As Tahnee had indicated that she could cope with a small amount of crying, but not excessive amounts, I recommended a gentle graduated extinction technique, starting with small intervals. It is so important that when learning to self-settle/ resettle themselves, our children feel supported and safe throughout the entire process. So, I made sure that Tahnee knew that she could cuddle and be there for Xavier if he became very upset.

After my consult with Tahnee, she advised that she felt confident moving forward and was ready to get started.

After day 1 Tahnee had this to say:

“Good morning lovely!
Amazing!! Xavier woke up at 1:30am and it’s two twice for me to go in there and then he laid himself down and went to sleep! I then woke up at 3:30am and couldn’t see him in the monitor so opens his door (which I’m woke him) and then it took one resettle by me. And then he woke at 6:30am but stayed in his cot until I got him at 7am! I’m actually really proud of myself! Especially that I did it alone! Thank you so much”

On day 3 I received this message:

“Omg! I’m so amazed, Xavier went down for his afternoon nap at 12:30pm on the dot. Lay down for a little and then just say there without crying and finally laid himself down after 10 mins!! I can’t thank you enough! I think he had worked out his ok without me coming in”

On day 14, our final day, I received this message:

“Thank you so much lovely, it has been amazing having your support and guidance! I really didn’t think I was able to turn things around and dreaded having to try to sort out how to change things on my own! You truly are incredible at what you do!
Honestly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I owe having my sleep and bed back to you xx”

The results?

From the very beginning of our time together and with only a few small tweaks, Xavier went from co-sleeping in the spare bed every single night to not at all. His naps improved dramatically within 72 hours and Tahnee had gained so much confidence. Despite her concerns that Xavier would just cry and cry for her, he never did. On the occasional night he would need a little reassurance but very soon learned that he was capable and quite happy to go back to sleep on his own. We turned “help! my one-year old won’t sleep!” into “My one-year old loves his sleep!”

This is an example of a beautiful family taking control of their situation to improve everyone’s lives. There was no need for harsh intervention. Despite Tahnee feeling that she had created an irreversible habit, she was empowered to make some gentle changes. Which have benefited the entire family.

At the end of our sleep journey together Tahnee had this to say…

“I honestly cannot thank Courtney enough for all the support and guidance she has provided. I had been very grateful to have my son, Xavier self settle and sleep through the night since he was several months old until only recently. Xavier started waking up hysterically crying at 11:30pm every night with the only way of settling him was for me sleeping with him in our spare room. I was very stressed, putting a huge amount of pressure and Mum guilt on myself.

After reading multiple successful reviews and amazing stories of families lucky enough to work with Courtney I decided to contact her myself ( at some ridiculous hour in the morning with Xavier asleep next to me). From the very first moment I spoke to Courtney I felt so reassured and confident in helping Xavier change his sleeping habits. To get an insight into why this may be happening has made such a difference. I was so comfortable with Courtney and slowly begun getting my on confidence back. The constant reassurance and advice was second to none and made the whole process so much easier. I cannot believe the changes Xavier has made (and me too). I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough!”

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