Child & Baby Sleep Services

Dream to Grow offers a wide range of baby sleep consultant services to help avoid or overcome sleep hurdles and get your whole family sleeping soundly!

With child and baby sleep expertise in the areas of:

  • Newborn settling
  • Baby sleep training
  • Baby sleep cycles
  • Catnapping
  • Early waking
  • Age-appropriate routines
  • Independent settling and resettling
  • Ditching that dummy
  • Nighttime waking
  • Sleep associations such as rocking, bouncing, feeding and co-sleeping
  • Baby sleep regressions
  • The four-month sleep regression
  • Toddler sleep
  • Bedtime battles
  • Big beds
Dream to grow seeks to provide a goal-orientated baby sleep consultant service that adheres to your own unique parenting style, all while achieving your sleep goals.

Head over to our packages to choose a solution that is right for you and your precious child.

Alternatively, enquire below or via the contact page to receive a free 15-minute telephone consultation with Courtney, to discuss your goals and decide on an approach which fits your childs age and needs, as well as your budget.



But seriously, she is the best! So gentle, so kind, so hard working and so so knowledgeable! She had a well cited and clear answer for every question I had and never encouraged anything I was uncomfortable with!

I wish I had her with my first daughter who only just started sleeping through at 3 years of age (thanks to Courtney going the extra mile and offering some free tips).

My 13month old has gone from rarely napping and waking for bottles all night, being a cranky little rabbit… to happily napping for 2 hours each day and SLEEPING THROUGH!!! She als0 now has the most amazing temperament and is so much happier!

Thank you so friggin’ much Court x

-Alana, NSW

I was lucky enough to win a consult with Courtney and it was the best thing ever! Feeding my babe to sleep every sleep and constant night wakings had me exhausted. Courtney helped me implement a gentle routine and settling strategies into our days and nights and within days my daughter was settling herself to sleep and night wakings decreased massively…to the point of many nights in the week with solid sleep throughs.
Thanks to Courtney, I gained the confidence to adapt our days when things didn’t go to plan and trust in my daughter to know she could do this.
Forever grateful for the knowledge and guidance I received from you Courtney!

-Aimee, VIC

I started working with Courtney when my son was almost four months old. It had been four months of getting no more than 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night, early mornings, cat naps on me or in his swing during the day and having to feed, rock or walk him to sleep. I had bought another program but just couldn’t see how I could get him to stick to the schedule when he was so far from it at that moment.
Working with Courtney, she encouraged and supported me with every nap. Gradually building up to him being in his cot. I didn’t want to do a CIO method and she was fully supportive of my choice and gave me other options. Although these methods took a little longer, my son now goes to sleep on his own for all naps and bedtimes and can self settle through the night. I’m now getting over 8 hours sleep a night and Courtney has saved my back from having to rock him to sleep multiple times a day and night.
Every time I see my son go to sleep on his own, I feel so proud of him and silently thank Courtney for getting us to enjoy bedtime now.

-Elle, QLD

I honestly can’t thank Courtney enough for what she has done for my family. We were at breaking point. My son was waking hourly through the night and I was lucky if he would have two 30min naps a day.

I reached out to Courtney after stressing for weeks about feeling guilty for wanting help with sleep. People seem to have so many negative opinions of sleep consultants without having ever worked with one.

Courtney was extremely gentle with myself and my little boy. Knowing I was concerned about letting him cry, she promised me she would never encourage me to let him cry himself to sleep.

She was my cheerleader around the clock and was really encouraging even when I stressed about not seeing immediate results.

By day 6 my son was only waking twice through the night and after 2 weeks only once. He is also napping well and is generally much happier. I now see the importance of sleep and no longer feel guilty for helping my son to sleep well.

Thank you so much for helping my family Courtney.

-Ellen, VIC

I honestly cannot thank Courtney enough for all the support and guidance she has provided. I had been very grateful to have my son, Xavier self settle and sleep through the night since he was several months old until only recently. Xavier started waking up hysterically crying at 11:30pm every night with the only way of settling him was for me sleeping with him in our spare room. I was very stressed, putting a huge amount of pressure and Mum guilt on myself. After reading multiple successful reviews and amazing stories of families lucky enough to work with Courtney I decided to contact her myself ( at some ridiculous hour in the morning with Xavier asleep next to me). From the very first moment I spoke to Courtney I felt so reassured and confident in helping Xavier change his sleeping habits. To get an insight into why this may be happening has made such a difference. I was so comfortable with Courtney and slowly begun getting my on confidence back. The constant reassurance and advice was second to none and made the whole process so much easier. I cannot believe the changes Xavier has made (and me too). I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough!

-Tahnee, VIC

Thank you, thank you so so much Courtney! We can’t not believe our girls sleep improvements! We have always been super lucky with our girl, she has been sleeping through the night since around 4 months but we couldn’t get her to self settle, she started to become an early riser and resist being resettled in her day naps and we couldn’t figure out what was going wrong, I had a consultation with Courtney and she helped me tweak a few things in our day, and gave suggestions on self-settling techniques that fit our parenting style and within 1 day our girl was self settling, sleeping a full 12 hours overnight and a big 2 hour sleep at lunch time, I feel like I have so much more time during the day to get things done around the house now that I am not rocking and patting for what felt like forever. The first day I started to teach my girl to self settle my husband was at work, usually he is in charge of the bedtime routine at night and I said to just watch in the monitor and see how clever our girl is now, he could not believe his eyes it was that instant! She can go from laughing at her Dads beard tickling her face when he kisses her goodnight to fast asleep within just moments!

Being a FTM everyone tells you “sleep when your baby sleeps” and “get used to not sleeping through the night” but no one tells you how hard it can be to actually get your baby to sleep, what are good sleep associations vs bad sleep associations, I was so oblivious to this! I am so grateful for Courtney’s help and we honestly cannot recommend her enough!

-Libby ACT

I was one of those lucky mums whos newborn slept extremely well, so when my son started waking every 1-2 hours, I had no idea what was wrong or how to fix it. Initially, I was nervous to seek help from a sleep consultant because I thought I would be told to leave my baby to cry. Courtney provided me with other techniques to try and within a few weeks, I was noticing huge improvements! Courtney has been wonderful to work with, she’s very responsive, goes above and beyond to ensure I understand why something is happening and how to fix it, and always made sure I was comfortable with the steps we were taking to improve my son’s sleep. I would highly recommend Dream to Grow if you are having trouble with your child’s sleep!

-Kyra, ACT

Courtney is such a beautiful person and so easy to get along with.
My little one has always been a struggle to get to sleep and Courtney has been a godsend.
Whenever I am going through tough time with his sleep, she is there with something new for us to work with and to support us through it.
highly recommend

-Beth, NSW

Courtney is honestly amazing.
She is genuine and caring taking into consideration our individual needs and understanding that every babe is different and requires their own routine to get the sleeping down pat.
I love working with someone who has knowledge as to why they advise the things they do and this in Courtney to a T.
My little Mylah was a serial cat napper and did not enjoy sleeping all that much after a week and half of working with Courtney she has improved dramatically and i am actually getting some sleep now and time to do some things that i need to do.
Thank-you for everything and letting me regain my sleep and have time for me, you are a sleep god xx

-Cassandra, NSW

“I was at a real struggling point with my 11 week old being a first time mum and having my partner work FIFO my LO didn’t have any kind of sleep routine at all and would often not go down until 11pm at night. It was exhausting.
I was personally recommended Courtney at Dream to Grow and have not looked back since.
Even though I’m in Victoria and she is in NSW the entire process was so easy. She explained what I was doing great with and things we could change to improve the day sleep so as to improve the night sleep, things really made much more sense after talking to Courtney. 
I would highly recommend Dream to Grow to anyone who is second guessing themselves and their LO sleep patterns.”

-Mel, VIC

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